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The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill


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Cophenhagen Conference: Updates and Outcomes


Basic Sources: 

Copenhagen Conference website

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change website

 From  the Conference 

Many newspapers have been providing extensive coverage before, during and after the Conference.  For example, see

UK Guardian site

EES PAN: Archive of important enacted bills

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Bills enacted in 2008:

Since 2008 was an election year, Congress moved decisively on very few pieces of environmental legislaton. Here are a few highlights:

Topic areas for In the News

We hope to provide wide-ranging coverage of the following areas in relation to environment and energy security.


1. Major scientific events or discoveries

2. International developments

3. US developments: energy or environment issues in the news

4. US state and local developments

What Can You Do?

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When discussing the challenges presented by Peak Oil and other resource depletion, global warming and all of the economic and geopolitical strife that they will cause, a colleague from Texas once gave me the advice, "Water and Bullets".