About Us

About us

The Policy Network and Resolutions Committee is a DAUK forum whose aim is  to research, debate and advocate on U.S. policy issues. 


The Policy Network and Resolutions Committee of DAUK (PN) has been resurrected on the framework of the old Policy Action Network (PAN), as a vehicle for debating, influencing and achieving better policy.

Our goal is to spearhead engagement and education of DAUK members on key policy issues. We will inform DAUK members about the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party Platforms through events and the provision of high quality information, research and analysis. We will also support opportunities for activism, organized by the DA Global Action Team, the DAUK’s Action Team UK and other DAUK committees and caucuses.

We plan to evolve into a DAUK think tank resource, offering opportunities to analyze and debate longer-term issues, challenges and trends taking place in the US. We will provide space and resources for understanding the deeper structural patterns in the American body politic.

PN currently sponsors the following policy areas: Voting Rights, Healthcare Reform, Economic Issues, Environment and Energy Issues, Minority Rights and the Resolutions and Platform Group. PN is open to expanding into other policy areas according to members’ interests. The topics listed within each Policy Area below are indicative and can be shaped by members’ interests, priorities and level of urgency as determined by legislative/executive actions and current debates.

Economic Issues: Co-chaired by Wen-Wen Lindroth and Carol Moore

Aims to share information and analysis on economic policy issues, including inclusive growth, industrial policy, labor laws, financial regulation, trade policy and the changing nature of work. Its purpose is to help DAUK members develop informed views on these issues, promote discussion, foster activism and ultimately put forth position papers. Chaired by Wen-Wen Lindroth and Carol Moore.www.facebook.com/groups/PolicyNetworkeconomics/

Environment and Energy Issues

Will share information and analysis on related policy issues, including EPA regulations impacting land, water and air, state and federal efforts to promote/hinder decarbonisation, US involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement, the role of the private sector and the impact of new technologies. Its purpose is to help DAUK members develop informed views on these issues, promote discussion, foster activism and ultimately put forth position papers.  www.facebook.com/groups/PolicyNetworkenvironment/

Healthcare Reform

Aims to provide evidence-based research on continuing/current healthcare related issues that affect the lives of American citizens and residents. research results will be the foundation from which specific actions and targeted outcomes can be undertaken. The 2017/2018 focus will includes ACA, CHIP, Planned Parenthood, the Opioid Crisis, Big Pharma/Insurance and Tort Reform. It will aim to prioritize its efforts to concur with activities on Capitol Hill.  www.facebook.com/groups/PolicyNetworkhealthcare/

Identities :  chaired by Marketa Young 

Set up to investigate and advocate on policy issues that intersect with, or might be too specific to be addressed in other groups, such as environmental justice, minority and civil rights.  Chaired  by Marketa Young  www.facebook.com/groups/PolicyNetworkminorityrights/

Resolutions and Platform Group:

To consider and develop resolutions on key policy issues to be discussed within DAUK and submitted to the DPCA Resolutions Committee and to promote greater awareness of the 2016 Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party Platforms and resolutions under consideration or passed by the DPCA since then. 

Voting Rights:  chaired by Maya Buchanan

Will share research and information in order to engage and educate DAUK members on key policy issues affecting our voting rights, examining, e.g. voter suppression tactics and legislation, redistricting and initiatives to promote voter registration. We will use policy information to support and build activism in voting rights and look to collaborate with fellow DAUK Committees: Get out the Vote, including Voter Registration and phone-banking, States Committee, Action Team UK to amplify our messages. Chaired by Maya Buchanan. www.facebook.com/groups/PolicyNetworkvotingrights/



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Julie Berk has worked in IT for over 25 years using a range of hardware and software for a number of different organizations and volunteered with Democrats Abroad UK maintaining their membership database for the last 8 years. She is now looking after our Drupal system. Email her with any technical queries about the site.