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The political strategies deployed


 Achieving legislation on Healthcare Reform is now  subject to a variety of  strategies and calculations, since the two Bills passed are quite different.  Go to  Where Do We Go Now for a growing selection of articles analysing and promoting the options available.  


In this article on February 2  Alam Fram outlines some of the possibilities; on February 4  in an article in the Washington Post on February 4, Shalaigh Murray and Paul Kane offer their take on the options under consideration . 


  While both Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have said that decisions are yet to be made on the way forward, they have not ruled out using 'reconciliation' in order to pass a comprehensive bill.   


Action in the House of Representatives

November 7  The House of Representatives passed the House Bill H.R. 3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act by a  vote of 220-215, but Stupak's amendment restricting women's choice and access to abortion within the public option or with private, subsidized plans was also passed.  

Only one Republican voted for the Bill and 39 Democrats listed here voted against the Bill.  

Action in the Senate

December 24:  The Senate passed the bill H.R. 3590 -  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  HR 3590 by a vote of 60 to 39. It excludes the 'public option' and a national insurance exchange. 

Go here for documents, videos and discussion of the Senate bill.


Comparisons of the Bills

The BBC has produced a clear chart of some of the differences between the bills.

See the Commonwealth Fund report on The Comprehensive Health Reform Bills of 2009 which looks at the key provisions of the House and Senate Bills  - updated on January 7 2010.  

The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a Side by Side Comparison of the Major Healthcare Reform Proposals - updated on January 13 2010.

 For more details and analysis of the legislation, go to Proposals on the Table.

For more details and analysis on the issues at stake and under debate, go to  Information Sources.

Predicted timetable

Most predictions have been inaccurate!

In their post on the Politico Pulse. Frates and Brown argue that an April deadline is now likely.

Action you can take

For phone numbers and websites of Senators from some key states, go to this page.


For some tips about writing to your representatives and sample letters go here



 For even more ideas about actions you can take,  go to Act on Health Care Reform Now.





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Updated: February 4 2010