EES PAN Current Democratic Party Policy and Debates

The Democratic Party


The Democratic Party has produced policy statements on Energy and on the Environment.


In the House, Speaker of the House of Representavies Nancy Pelosi provides a site where details of the progress of key Democratic legislation - passed and pending - can be followed.  Now only of historic interest is her Veto Watch site which kept a record of legislation vetoed or threatened by a veto - a site that, thankfully, is now redundant!

Senator Harry Reid is the Democratic Leader of the Senate. It is useful to check the priorities and policy debates of Democratic Senators and the operation of the Democratic Policy Committee in the Senate is useful to check as well.


President Barack Obama

 The White House site provides links to key issue areas. To link directly to the policy agenda on energy and the environment for his administration, link here.

President Obama has also initiated the Organizing for America project to capture and sustain the surge in interest in policy and activism generated by his campaign.  His speech launching the project can be found here.  We will provide regular updates on these developments.





The Role of Democrats Abroad in Democratic Party Policy



Democrats Abroad actively participates in policy development and debate within the Democratic Party. For example, if you are a member of DAUK, you can go to the Forum where a copy of the 2008 Platform of Democrats Abroad is available.

In March 2007 Michael Ceurvorst, then the International Chairman of Democrats Abroad, discussed the role of Democrats Abroad in the formulation of Democratic Party policy. You can read the article here.

If you are a member of Democrats Abroad you can follow and participate in discussions on these and other topics on the Democrats Abroad website.

If you are a member of Democrats Abroad UK, you can also join our Environment and Energy Security PAN Forum


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